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This is a handmade custom bracelet crafted just for you. Its made out of genuine 550 paracord. This bracelet is a great way to carry around a length of paracord for any emergency that comes along. To use the cord, simply unbraid the bracelet. Each bracelet has between 8 and 10 feet of cord depending on your size. 550 paracord has 7 inner strands which have a 50 lb. tensile strength. The inner cords can be used for fishing line, sewing repairs, lashing, snares, or any number of uses.   This custom bracelet also has a hidden handcuff key in the buckle.  Choose from od green/black cord, blue/black cord, grey/black cord, tan/black and red/black cord (the red bracelet does NOT have hidden handcuff key). See additional photos.  Comes in XS-7.5, S/M-8 AND L/XL-8.5 inch size.  THIS ITEM REQUIRES LAW ENFORCEMENT IDENTIFICATION!!